Monday, December 12, 2011

reading day

Just finished and turned in a truly fabulous paper on Macbeth Act I scene 3. Now using my earlier productivity as an excuse to be unproductive for a while (this is not a legitimate excuse. I have so much work to do). I am sitting in the middle of the lower Beamer student center and listening to people taking turns reading into a microphone for a Hobbit marathon (right now it is our President Ryken reading. I thought I recognized the voice). If I had my camera, I would be taking pictures of everyone's shoes. There are a pair of great brown-buckled leather boots on the stool across from me, and some slouchy leather things with an Aztec-like wool fabric element, and then the black and white untied puma sneakers. I need to be more adventurous and aggressive about photographing Wheaton style - there's really such variety.

Ok I'm going to study International Politics.

I'm going.

For real.

After I look at The Sartorialist.

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