Tuesday, November 1, 2011

sweet november

The front doors to Blanchard Hall are being repainted- great contrast of blue shirt against white painter's overalls.
Tractor in the vacant lot beside the library. Not sure where it came from, or why it is there, but the color looked great against the cement and browning grass.
Very sad pumpkins. One of my favorite things to do growing up was smashing the pumpkins a few days after Halloween after they went all saggy and distorted.

Walked to downtown Wheaton to enjoy the sun today and snapped lots of photos to fill a few posts with. Here are a few! Trip into Chicago tomorrow with my writing class, and then it is practically the weekend again. Yay!

PS. If you comment on a post (which I love, thank you to those who do!) anonymously, sign your name at the end so I know who you are!


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  2. Your posts are super cute and fun! :] I love them!


  3. Will save pumpkins for smashing at the end of your Thanksgiving visit. Thinking about you today makes me smile... a good thing for a busy Thursday. Like the blue against the white. If I had a camera (sung to If I had a Hammer), I'd take a picture of my blue water bottle in white mug to add to your collection. back to work. Love CJMS