Friday, November 11, 2011

ginkgo biloba baby

Here are a few more shots of the lovely lovely gingko behind my dorm (the ones from the other day are from the still-green tree on Blanchard lawn) which just dropped its leaves. Gingkos do it all at once, truly, in a sudden wind one day, and the leaves form an ellipses at the base of the trunk until they blow away. They are like little yellow fans, and I love love love them.

"And nothing ever does begin, like nothing ever ends. Ask every atom in your body and the'll surely tell you 'Friend, I'm old as time and older still. I will outlive you and forgive you and by just a baby still.' " - Nana Grizol

Here is my Friday song for you from Coeurs De Pirate, Berceuse.

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