Monday, October 24, 2011

daydreaming mornings

Norwegian Dreams

Red yellow rorbur, grass like joy

on hillsides, underneath blue, above blue,

and everywhere salt.

Salted sea, fish, wood, wind,

seeping through even your skin.

I want only to nap on the mountains,

tuck into earth, breath salt.

Red and white sweaters, wool and reindeer,

jeans embroidered like a fourteen-year-old's fantasies.

Too much, too little, is all I have here.

Red and yellow wood across the ocean beckons,

clouds in the shapes of fish swimming through sky.

Just go already. Be where you'd rather be.

Find snow, find ice, find potatoes. Even your name

belongs there, your blue eyes,

your mind that searches for saltiness.

Red and yellow rorbur,

grass like joy on hillsides underneath blue skies,

above blue sea, and everywhere salt.

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