Monday, September 26, 2011

weekend in kentucky

Last Wednesday I decided to road trip down to Lexington to visit my wonderful family. We left Friday night and got back last night (short trip) and it was just lovely. Homemade skillet apple pie, Ale-8, church with family, lunch with Gramps and Gram, chicken foot dominoes, and a little bit of shopping (don't worry, I stuck to my budget challenge, but Aunt Carrie was very generous). I think I would wear mostly J. Crew if I could. The weather was beautiful and warm yesterday, so the boys I drove with put the top down in the Audi for the first bit of the trip (good thing I have really short hair). It was so nice to feel like I was home for a little while.

Back at Wheaton and it is grey and rainy and chilly today, so I busted out the trench coat and wore a little wool cap for the first time this fall. It is almost October - September went from dragging on and on to disappeared! The leaves are just starting to tinge yellow and rose here.

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