Friday, September 16, 2011

wedding blog over, and now weekend

Well, that was short-lived. The design was darling, but I really don't have time (or, it turns out, the passion) for wedding blogging. It was fun while it lasted!

My brother Jacob is driving through Wheaton on his way to my cousin's house in Riverside and we are going to get dinner - I think Mai Thai downtown. It is so yummy and I haven't had it yet this year! But Mai Thai was the first place I ate at Wheaton, with my mom and my sister when they came out to move me in at the beginning of last fall. It seems so long ago! So I am sitting at my desk with tea and a cookie in a warm wool sweater, thinking of things I could go photograph.

Tomorrow morning I take the train into Chicago to meet up with Missy and Bob, mom's good college friends whom I also love, and spend the weekend chez-ils. Bon week-end, mes amis!

Photos: the red leaves on a tree in the front garden at home this summer.

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