Wednesday, September 21, 2011

polka dots and knitting projects

The crafty streak continues! I am very much in love with wool right now, and as a result have knitted my headphone cords and computer cables, knitted the mate to a mitten I started last November, and am working on a lighter-than-air lambswool scarf in palest purple. I also got a maroon finely knit wool sweater (co op) and cut about 150 circles out of it. I cut the sleeves off and then slit the sides of the vest. With all of the polka-dot holes, it makes a super great funky scarf. I am taking all of the dots I cut and sewing them in ribbons to make another scarf for a friend. When I finish I will post it.

To make your own "knit" headphone cords:

You need ten or twelve yards of yarn (mine are cream and it looks great), cut into 16-18 inch lengths, scissors, and one pair of headphones.
First, securely knot one end of a piece of yarn to the cord where it meets the plug.
Second, make a "4" shape with the yarn and the cable.
Third, pull the yarn over the cable (above the spot where you put it under to make the "4") and then pull it down and through, making a loop.

Pull tight.

Repeat. Voila, knitted headphone cords!


  1. I think you ought to get a patent on that one... they will be especially popular in the winter months! cjs

  2. Yes, it is VERY important that both your toes and headphones stay equally warm all winter.