Thursday, September 8, 2011

book review no. II

"'You want a gift from the king? Hear this: if you allow Abascar freedom, some people will choose what they shouldn't.' He too hold of her shoulder, speaking with urgency.'But take away that freedom, and no one has opportunity to choose what they should.'" (254)

I borrowed Auralia's Colors, by Jeffrey Overstreet from my aunt's house last weekend, and am just about to finish it this afternoon. I suppose it would technically be categorized as a children's novel, or young adult fiction, but, like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, anyone would be hard-pressed not to enjoy the clever writing and unique plot of this novel. The narrative beautifully combines art and philosophy with political ideology and fantasy to create a story that intrigues and enthralls but also challenges the reader with ethical dilemmas. I've never read a children's story that made me think about communism, the concept of utopias, the ethics of American politics, and the value of beauty while never directly addressing any of the above. I want a copies of my own to thumb pages in. And, apparently, it's a series, so I have more to read!

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