Wednesday, August 31, 2011

stitching, french and a new couch

After classes today (aced quiz in conversational French) and a nap on our new, extremely comfortable couch (made beautiful with my colorful Pottery Barn quilt), I meandered down to the co-op to see if anything particularly wonderful was to be had (for free!). As it happened, I acquired a pale gray J. Crew suit and navy blue skirt, and a long cotton vintage United Colors of Benetton skirt. The J. Crew went into my closet, but I spent most of this afternoon on my couch altering the skirt to become a dress. I finally figured out that by pulling the pockets outside, cutting off the ends of them and hemming them I had cap sleeves (made to fit with a few more snips and stitches) and voila, a 60s-style mod cotton dress with a buttoned cowl neck.

I never mentioned, by the way, my summer score on footwear. My mother and I found beautiful black-with-black-stitching Durango cowboy boots at a new and consignment in store downtown Santa Cruz, and she bartered and bought them for me and I LOVE them. In fact, I wore them to a square dance just last Friday.

Also, I had to take out my pirated-from-the-science-ditch flowers today, and when I did I noticed a particularly vibrant stripedy caterpillar on one stem. It surprised me, but was very lovely.

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