Tuesday, August 16, 2011

san francisco avec ma mère

I slept in yesterday and then drove up to the city with my mother for an afternoon of doing whatever we chose. We were picking up my father in San Francisco on a late flight, and just staying in the city until then. Lunch at Zero Zero, we shared the summer melon salad with olives and sea beans and red onions, and then each got a pizza (perfect crust, wonderful sauce). We each finished our own, then ordered homemade soft serve ice cream - mine with caramel sauce and chilled stone fruit, mom's with fudge and candied almonds. A cappucino for her and an americano for me and we were very happily immobilized.

We explored the fabulous Stein exhibit at the SFMOMA for a few hours and enjoyed the sun on the rooftop garden, then poked around the fun gift shop and headed for Union Square. (Mom purchased us both bleached Calvin Klein jeans 40% off at Macy's). After another few hours of wandering through stores and people watching and we decided to go see Crazy, Stupid Love a second time (it was the only thing playing that I wanted to see). Found the car, then had a 10:30 dinner at The Grove (grilled cheese and killer tomato soup for mom, a chicken potpie for me) before picking up dad at the airport. I napped in the backseat to the sound of my parent's voices all the way home.

Photos: Girl talking, Fashionista mother and daughter in Union Square, Calder on the rooftop, momma drinking coffee at Zero Zero.

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