Sunday, June 5, 2011

the valley: chapter one

This is the first post of my new summer thread: an exposé on the highlights of my beloved San Lorenzo Valley, and the Santa Cruz Mountains. Herein you will find posts on everything I love in the valley. First (although this doesn't really count as the valley, but I have pictures from today so suffer quietly): the houses on West Cliff.

I could live in or buy many of them happily, due to beautiful gardens, lovely fences and arbors, an incredible view, and the amount of time people seem to take to make the houses along West Cliff immaculate and unique. I love to walk the streets that run off of West Cliff Drive, peering into gardens and over fences, admiring arches and windows and statues. Tonight my mother and I retrieved my sister's disc golf disc from the man who had found it on the course and then walked the dog around his block, right by the ocean. Everyone's garden is in bloom, the children are out playing, and the ocean was calm. I haven't seen many other neighborhoods this lovely in other cities.

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