Wednesday, May 18, 2011


My past few days consisted of the following:

1)Riding on quads with my Aunt Gretchen in the mountains
2)Reading by the fire
3)Watching movies while the snow and rain fell
4)Baking an Alice Water's 1234 cake
5)Tasting different lemon curds as Gretchen made them to go with meringue nests and fruit
6)Walking the poodle and the border collie
7) Birdwatching
8)Ping pong and hot tub
9)Reading while the snow and rain fell

I was to return home last night, but due to snow and dangerous conditions the roads were closed. Never thought I would get snowed in in May! Visiting Gretchen and Tom in Sierraville was delightful, and staying in their beautiful home on the mountain such a treat. There are tons of windows to take in the views, and the interior and exterior are paneled with amazing wood salvaged from old barns and granaries. I am in love with Gretchen's kitchen, too, with tall cabinets and a big farm sink. They have made it such a home since moving in last fall. The cows have moved up to the pastures spreading out across the valley and there are strong-willed daffodils blooming in the wind. This girl wants a little farm house of her own, with a dog by the fire and my boots by the door.


  1. Sounds so delightful - perfect respite between academics and the upcoming job!