Monday, March 7, 2011

beautiful things

Home from Chicago, and loving the beautiful weather - thus far alternating between warm rain and warm sunshine. I am sitting on our plump leather couch in the living room in leggings and bare feet, reveling in the openness of this evening. There are daffodils, rosemary, and quince blooming in our yard and ripe meyer lemons on the tree outside. I swam at my high school pool Saturday morning and it smelled like home chlorine - salty and outdoorsy with a hint of dirt and rain. (This, in my mind, is a very good smell).
My parents surprised me with a trip down to Big Sur to stay in my very favorite Yurt resort -Treebones, and we spent today and Sunday enjoying the beauty of the coast. I had amazing sushi at the Treebones restaurant last night, and then slept soundly despite the sound of rain clattering on our yurt roof and wind tearing across the hills. I love waking up with blue ocean on one side and green mountains on the other. This morning we hiked along the cliffs and down trails to find secret coves full of bleached rock and salt, with redwood trees and wildflowers surrounding them. It is a delight to sit on rocks where one of the countless creeks or rivers flows into the saltwater - there is something very intriguing to me about fresh water meeting salt. I find it so interesting that salmon can live their lives in both, transitioning from one to the other and back so easily.

I also went to get GOOD Mexican food at El Palomar Taco Bar on Saturday downtown, and we shopped in the sun. I received a beautiful belated Christmas gift: brown Dansko clogs! I have missed the busy patchwork laziness of Santa Cruz.

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