Monday, January 24, 2011

green bay, tea, applesauce

I will say that one thing I lament about dorm life is the lack of opportunity for private gatherings outside (or inside, for that matter) of your own room. I would like to be able to make tea and scones for a few friends and have them in a comfortable, be-couched room or area without having to first clarify to others that this is not, in fact, an 'exclusive' event, that I do not mean to hurt anyones feelings, and that, no, in fact, I do not feel the need to let others help me so that I can make scones for the entire hall and have one enormous tea party. I could do that perfectly well without help if I wished to, which I do not. I find myself missing the concept of a 'play date' - when a friend could come over and we could be silly, do homework, socialize, eat cookies or run outside without having others wish to join, because others weren't there.

I can, of course, invite people to my room, but it's just like their room and another unintentional-but-part-of-my-life (and appreciated) friend already lives there too. I want to spend time with everyone, but I also want to be able to invite a friend over to watch a movie in my room and not have four other people join. I like them, too, and they can all come over another day, but for now this is just a play date. And everyone who ever went to grade school knows that you can't just drive up someone's driveway, knock on their door and ask to join a play date.

On a separate note, the Packers are off to the super bowl, I have been eating a lot of applesauce lately, and I have burned through my tea in this grey weather at an incredible speed, tea parties or no.

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